• on 30th of June at 19:00 everyone is welcome to attend lecture with teacher in VEF kamerzāle at Ieriķu iela 5a, Riga. Additional info to be found on our facebook page.
  • Pa Auk Meditation School retreat with Ven. U Gnanasiri Thero 
    from Na Uyana Aranya Monastery, Sri Lanka
  • 2 x 10 Day Retreats in Latvia, Europe
  • 1st part of Retreat: 1st July 2018 - 10th July 2018
  • 2nd part of Retreat: 11st July 2018 - 21st July 2018
  • Venue of Retreat: Ķoņu Skola, Rujiena, Latvia [~3.5 hrs from Riga]
  • Additional information can be found HERE
  • Daily Schedule can be found HERE.


The idea of the Meditation Centre is based on harmonious union of several functions. The possibilities for participants include: learn meditation, reside in a quiet and peaceful place, less stress, and practice their meditation peacefully without any disturbance.

The mission of the Meditation Centre is to teach the theory and practice of meditation, help to improve physical and mental health and thus giving opportunity to increase the overall quality of life through both cultural and educational activities.

Pa-auk Latvia

The meditation centre in Latvia is a result of inspiration and experience we have got at Pa-Auk Forest Monastery in Burma (Myanmar). The place for the center was blessed by Venerable U Acinna Pa-Auk Tawya Sayadaw during his visit in Latvia in 2009.

Although the capital of Latvia, Riga, is within easy reach only 150 km away, the anthropogenic impact on the environment is minimal and the territory is included in the North Vidzeme Biosphere Reserve.

The territory is surrounded by large tracts of forest in the east and river Ruja with its floodplain meadows in the west. This natural phenomenon has made it an important nesting ground and migration stopover for several bird species.

Single most important and fundamental factor for the Centre is the reigning quiet and tranquility of the surrounding area required for concentration practice combined with location that is easy to access and located in Temperate Climatic Zone.


Meditation is not only mental or physical exercise that let people relax and rest. It is even more that mental discipline or tool that let you widen your sight.

To explain briefly, samatha meditation trains the mind in one pointed concentration, leading to a deeply focused tranquility. This gives a sustainability and power the mind for the next stage of the practice, vipassana.

Vipassana is the only practice that can completely free us from the defilements of our minds which are the root of all suffering. In the preparatory stages of vipassana, the meditator is trained to see the subatomic particles which make up what we call the "body" and all material forms. It also discerns the separate mind moments which make up what we call "mind". Using this Knowledge and ability, he next dicerns his past lives and their causes.

In the final stages of vipassana, the meditator contemplates this ultimate nature os mind and matter as impermanent, suffering and non-self. When this insight becomes strong and powerful through repeated continuos practice, he may be able to uproot some of the defilements of the mind, which is the first of the four stages of Nibbana: the complete cessation of all suffering.

Whether or not the attains this stage, the practice of vipassana gives the meditator a wise understanding of all phenomena arising internally and externally, thus enabling him to lead his life in a deeply peaceful and wise manner.

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Nowadays fastest way to contact us is to send an e-mail: info @ Our team will respond You as soon as possible.

Our postal address:
Biedrība “Pa-Auk Latvija Starptautiskais Meditācijas Centrs”
Stabu street 56 – 2

Our bank account for donations:
Bank Name: AS “Privatbank”
SWIFT account: LV37PRTT0256016475000


EU member states citizens do not need any special allowances or visas to come to Latvia. There also is a list of countries that have non-visa agreements with Latvia. For those countries citizens also there is no necessary to obtain visa. Follow this link to check if there is Your country.

For citizens from countries which has no non-visa agreements we please to contact us by e-mail so we can prepare necessary procedures to obtain visa.

Ordinary all visitors will be picked up at the entrance point (International Airport "Riga", terminal station "Riga" or bus station in Riga). In case visitors need to get to the Centre by themselves this link will show the best possible way to get in. All maps and directions mentions that visitors firstly came to the capital city Riga.


The site of Pa-Auk International Latvia Meditation Centre is 150 km far away from Riga, the capital city, to the North direction. You can see the location on the map here: THE MAP OF HOW TO GET TO THE CENTRE.